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Affirmative Breathwork

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A New Website with Membership and e-Commerce for a Breathwork Practitioner/Trainer

Affirmative Breathwork was founded with the mission and purpose to help awaken people to their inner potential, so they can live with more joy, happiness, and creativity. Trained practitioner, Mike Schurko created Affirmative Breathwork to share this practice with as many people as he could and curate the classes to fit the lives of striving entrepreneurs, and those seeking self-clarity, stress relief, wellness and connection to life.

We worked with Affirmative Breathwork to build a new mobile-friendly website that features an integrated membership and e-Commerce system using Kajabi. What are the benefits of having a membership system built into your website? By offering membership or a subscription to your product/services, you are building a community! Membership sites give you the opportunity to connect directly with your target audience, fostering a loyal customer base and providing more value to your customers. Membership sites are a great business model with high earning potential!

View the live website here.