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Abundance Wands

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A New Website with e-Commerce for a Breathwork and Meditation Tool Business

Introducing the Abundance Wand – A sensory breathwork tool held in the palm of your hand that reminds you to be mindful, connect to the power of your breath, and make a new choice in the moment, instantly calming your mind. Founded by Amanda S and Amanda K, the Abundance Wands were born out of a desire to help others reconnect with their breath and their hearts. In 2020, Amanda K went for a routine mammogram and the doctors discovered she had breast cancer. She promptly went in for surgery and they performed a double mastectomy. Thankfully, Amanda is cancer-free! Abundance Wands is passionate and honoured to donate to research and efforts supporting women living with breast cancer.

We worked with Abundance Wands to build a new mobile-friendly website with an e-Commerce system and optimized SEO. Why is it important to focus on SEO when launching a new website? Research shows that when users are searching for a service/product, they are more likely to choose one of the top 5 suggestions listed in the search engine. By using best SEO practices, you are more likely to rank higher in those search results, helping your garner better online visibility with potential customers more likely to visit and purchase on your website.

View the live website here.